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Prostate Cancer Support Group Edmonton Women, Partners, Spouses

Our mandate

Prostate cancer support, education, and advocacy for partners and spouses of patients

  • To provide individual support and up-to-date, well-researched medical information from authorized sources; to assist individuals with prostate cancer and their families to cope with and understand the nature of prostate cancer.

  • Share experiences and promote empathy amongst loved ones.

  • Promote awareness of prostate cancer and associated issues; as well as early diagnosis and treatment.

  • Promote public education, outreach, and support through integrity, dignity, and understanding

  • Encourage a greater sense of partnering with our medical practitioners, and attaining empowerment through knowledge and information.

Prostate Cancer Support Edmonton Women is for spouses/partners of men with prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is sometimes described as a “couples cancer,” as it can have a significant effect on many different facets of your relationship.


This is a small intimate group that provides a safe and confidential setting to talk about the challenges you face as the partner of a man with prostate cancer. It’s a forum to share ideas and experiences, and to provide compassion and support for each other.


Whether your partner has just been diagnosed, is going through treatment, or is dealing with the aftermath of treatment, you are welcome to join us. The format is drop-in, no registration necessary.

Prostate Cancer Support Edmonton Women is a proud member of Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada's network of Canadian prostate cancer support groups.


Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to providing equitable prostate cancer support, and leadership and resources in prostate cancer awareness and research. 

Working in conjunction with prostate cancer support group leaders throughout the country, Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada's network of support groups aims to ensure that the thousands of men living with prostate cancer, their families, and loved ones can access support services no matter where in Canada they live. 

Prostate Cancer Support Group Edmonton Women, Partners, Spouses
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